Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My PIC Micro Experiences

It has been about 2 years that I did anything with Pic micro as I didn't have much time for that. But I did some in 2004-2006. During that time I was searching the net for studying PIC microcontrollers. I collected a lot of information.

So, here I am writing my old experience with Pic micro.

For me coding for Pic micro was not a problem. It took me only a short time to study Pic micro programming in high level languages, I have coded in Oshon Basic, PicBasic,MiKroBasic,MikroC,CCS.

My first problem to start PICing was to get a Pic Programmer . Pic Micro was not available in my area, it was only available in Ernakulum about 100+ km from my home. A ready made PIC Micro Programmer was available at Cochin but it was priced 2500Rs. At that time I couldn’t spent that much money. So I decided started to make one my own. During that time (2004) I was away from home for studying, I used to Come home only once a month. So, it took me about 4 months to build a working PIC Programmer.
In internet I found Mike Prekedo’s Elchepo. I built it but I was not able to make it working. I think I burned a 5-10 PICs. After that I found Oshon soft of Mr Vladmir Soso, There i found

A parellel port based PIC Programmer circuit & software

PIC Simulator IDE - A great PIC simulator with a basic compiler

I could successfully built this programmer and programmed a PIC16F628A,The first one I made was to blink an LED every second.After that I made another simple programmer (a JDM based one) it was a very good one, simple, serial port basedAfter making that programmer PICing became easy for me, but the components available were limited, (i didn't even get 3.2768 MHz crystal!) I made a clock, a water level controller, remote control for Pc. Some other simple ones like Pic with serial port, LCD etc. I am planning to make an embedded web server, but yet not started.

I ended my PICing a long time ago; i wish to start it all over again!

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Happy PICing

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