Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Symantec Backup Exec System Recovery Server Edition

From my view its a very good backup/disaster recovery tool. We can take full back of system drive(C Drive or system os drive) also can set to take data backups of selected folders.
Can schedule backups for particular time in a week day , can also set to take backup more than once per day .The best thing about it is its ability to restore to dissimilar hardware. So we can recover from a dissaster very quickly. The recovery disk is a very usefull one ,its really a vista bootable cd (like VISTAPE). In the recovery cd there is lot of tools., we can provide drivers, can connect to network(so its possible to restore from network), browse/manage file system, windows command prompt, can do everything as with vistape or bartpe . I have taken system drive backup of an old AMD athlon 3000+ with VIA chipset system and successfully
restored to another hardware (a new laptop with AMD athlon dual core with NVIDIA chipset) . On restore process its asked for lan driver for the new system (can skip this) , i provided the driver path containing the inf and driver files, after restoration i found the network card working fine. The restoration process was very smooth, My sytem drive backup was about 3 gb , it took about 10 minutes to restore. It was a windows 2003 server backup. On booting up restored system as its hardware are different windows 2003 showed detecting and installing hardware process , after that its showed network hardware detecting. Its took about 20 minutes
after that my systm was working fine ... same as like when i took the backup . Total time taken to restore to dissimilar hardware is about 30-40 minutes, look it will save lot of hours when a disaster occur. I also tried successfully to restore to the same hardware , it only took 10 minutes.....

Note: On restoring to dissimilar hardware you may require to activate the windows again.

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